People of the Pit

Sorin Vidis

People of the Pit focusses on the community that found shelter in Vacaresti pit, an abandoned area in the periphery of Bucharest,Romania.

The zone around the pit used to accommodate a 17th century monastery and a district of luxurious houses, but during the Ceausescu regime, the whole area was demolished in order to build a lake.

Since the works were abandoned in ’88 nothing has been done there, and the natural underground springs have reclaimed the land. Over time the water has turned the pit into a green oasis with a growing delta, where a variety of flora and fauna have blossomed.

During the last 15 years, many poor families (mainly Roma) have found shelter in the pit, since the land ownership is still in dispute between the state and the former owners. The current occupants all live an improvised life made from the scraps they gather in the neighborhood. They are a resourceful group, making shelters, heating, toys and more from their finds.

Soon enough, the last three families will leave the area, as the pit shifts into its next incarnation – a natural park.

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