Oliver Merce

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Born in Anina City to a rough father and a gentle mother, it was at the Military School of Music in Bucharest where Juju first received the name that would stick with him to this day. After high school, his father decided that Juju would follow the Conservatory, but Schopenhauer, Kant, Jung, etc. had already entered his head. Juju began to study Philosophy, before his father interjected, sending him to join the army.

The army led to Brașov City, where more advice led to the study of Civil Engineering. This in turn led to a life working in construction, where one large fall led to months spent in hospital, bones cast in plaster. The injuries are visible on Juju today.

In 1993 he started working at the mine in Anina (Mine Shaft I), continuing to work there until the terrible accident on 14th January 2006, which left 7 men dead and forced the mine’s closure.

After 13 years in this place, Juju decided to remain at the mine, occupying the room where the guard once stood. Living at Anina, Juju has fractured his links with society, currently identifying himself with the mine more than the surrounding

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