Ceremonies of my Generation

Christophe Le Toquin

. . .

From Dunkirk to De Panne, stretches a long line of dunes that separates the wide sandy beaches, from the polders of the hinterland. Within these dunes, there is concentrated two centuries of history, from the construction of the Batterie de La Passe and the Fort des Dunes by Séré de Rivières in the XVIIIth century; to the development of the rst seaside resorts in the XIXth Century.

Today, a former sanatorium faces the sea, making you long to nish your tubercular days in this place. The German forti cations of the Atlantic Wall and the economic development of the factories anked by their working-class towns rub shoulders with popular campsites, where mobile homes line up as if on parade. An old Flemish farm is awaiting its fate, while Dunkirk‘s development spreads and nibbles at the dunes.

The anthropization is pressing on all sides, but there remains the magic of these dunes with their strength and resilience. At each bend of the path; in the midst of the dunes; behind a wall, and with every piece of vegetation amongst the sand, we are constantly reminded that we are here in the Dunes of Flanders.

- A5 B/W Zine
- Edition of 50
- Part of the A/D series